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Located some 300 km west of Fortaleza, surrounded by breathtaking sceneries, dunes and lagoons with crystal clear water, mangrove forests and desert beaches, Jericoacoara is one of those rare and magical places acclaimed by travelers worldwide.

At the heart of an idyllic national park, this former fisherman village of few sandy streets enjoys ideal weather conditions with yearlong sunshine and wind, and a perfectly warm sea.

After its legendary sunset over the dunes, enjoy the rich nightlife of Jeri, discover its multiple bars, groove to the sound of samba sipping a caipirinha, taste the specialties of Ceará in one of the many restaurants of the village and explore the various artisanal shops and stalls for local gifts and souvenirs.


Villa Métisse - Jericoacoara

Jericoacoara is accessible by the Fortaleza International Airport.

From Europe, the JOON airline (Air France) operates direct flights from Paris to Fortaleza, the TAP airline direct flights from Lisbon to Fortaleza and the CONDOR airline direct flights from Frankfurt to Fortaleza .

Domestic flights from Rio, Sao Paulo, Recife and Brasilia may also be considered if you’re traveling or connecting within Brazil.

From Fortaleza, the following options are available to reach Jericoacoara:

4x4 pickup truck or SUV (~ 4 hour drive), minibus (~ 6 hour drive), bus (~ 7h drive), buggy ride along the coast and through beaches, private plane or helicopter.


Since no ATM is available in the village, we strongly advise that you change or withdraw cash upon your arrival at Fortaleza airport. While most restaurants accept credit cards, transfers from the airport and local activities need to be settled in cash.


Do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or information.

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